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MIEKA MIE-WP10 Wireless PET Immune PIR Sensor

 MIEKA MIE-WP10 Wireless PET Immune Detector

The MIE-WP10 PIR detector adopts digital dual-core fuzzy logic control processing technology and intelligent analyze algorithm. When human body’s infrared spectrum is detected, it will send alarm signal to the control panel.
The detector features pet immunity for animals up to 25kgs.

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Wide Detection Range
PET Immune Function

MIEKA MIE-WP10 PET Immune Wireless PIR Sensor Detection Range MIEKA MIE-WP10 Wireless PIR Sensor PET Immune Function
MIE-WP10 sensor can detect any motion in up to 8 metre
MIE-WP10 sensor adopts a special design to improve detection accuracy. Pets less than 25kgs will not trigger the alarm.

MIEKA MIE-WP10 PET Wireless PIR Sensor Overview
  • 1 - Detection Lens
  • 2 - Status Indicator
  • 3 - Test Button
  • 4 - Double Sided Tape Stick Places
  • 5 - Bracket Slots
Power Sawing Mode

MIEKA MIE-WP10 PIR Sensor Power Saving Mode If the PIR motion detector detects movements twice in 3 minutes, it automatically goes into sleep state. If there is no movement detected in the next 3 minutes, it will switch from sleep state to arm. During the 3 minutes, the detector won’t be active and will not send any signal to the control panel. As long as there is a movement detected within the 3 minutes, the duration of power saving mode will be extended.
MIEKA MIE-WP10 Detection Range

MIEKA MIE-WP10 Wireless PIR Sensor can detect any motion from 8 metre
Different Working Modes for Different Requirements

Open the rear cover of the detector; change the array of jumpers on the zone setting to the corresponding position as below (Mind the direction of D0-D3):

MIEKA MIE-WP10 Wireless Sensor Working Modes

Working Modes :

  • 1 - Home Mode Zone
  • 2 - Normal Zone
  • 3 - Single Delay Zone
  • 4 - 24H Zone
Technical Specifications

Power Supply : DC 3V (AA 1.5V LR6 Battery x 2 pcs )
Static Current : <50 uA
Alarm Current : 9.5mA
Detection Scope : 8m/110°
Transmitting Distance : <80 m (open area/no interference)
Radio Frequency : 315 MHz or 433.92 MHz
Housing Material : ABS Plastic
Operating Temperature : 0°C~+55°C
Relative Humidity : <80% (non-condensing)
Detector Dimensions : 100 x 59 x 43 mm (L x W x H)
Bracket Dimensions : 52 x 30 x 26.5 mm (L x W x H)
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