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MIEKA MIE-SR101 Wireless Signal Repeater

 MIEKA MIE-SR101 signal repeater

MIEKA MIE-SR101 Signal Repeater is a wireless signal relay transmission device. With MCU Technology , it can decode the signal in the air and strenghten the transmitting power to extend the transmission distance range.

Failure to receive signal to panel from wireless accessories is frequently happaned due to the long distance range when the remote controlling or wireless alarm systems are applied to large scale of commercial tall buildings , villa and industrial areas.

MIEKA MIE-SR101 wireless signal repeater could solve this problem and further distance range signal transmitting could be achieved.

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MIEKA MIE-SR101 Wireless Signal Repeater

Green LED : in Working Status

Blue LED flash once : Signal Transmitting

Green and Blue LEDs Flash Alternatively : in connect status

Workflow - Extend Transmission Distance Between Accessories and Control Panels

Extend Transmisson distance between accessories and control panel When the MIEKA MIE-SR101 repeater is in conect status , press its connect button , then trigger a wireless sensors ( For example , press any button on the remote control or seperate the transmitter and magnet of the door/Windom contact) The blue LED lights up for 2 seconds and goes off , then green and blue LED flash alternatively. If the MIEKA MIE-SR101 repeater is still in connect status , you can repeate the above operation to add more accessories

Workflow - Extend Transmission Distance Between Control Panel and Siren
Press the connect button under connect status. Press the SOS alarm button or arm button on the control panel , the MIEKA MIE-SR101 repeater succeeds in connection with the control panel after the blue LED lights up for 2 seconds and goes off. Then the green and blue LED flashs alternatively. Extend transmission distance between control panel and siren
Technical Specification

Supply Voltage : 220V AC 50/60Hz.
Wireless Transmitter Range : <300 Metre
Wireless Receiver Range : <90 Metre
Frequency : 433 MHz
Stand By Current : <15,5mA
Current : <1,1A
Max. Wireless Devices Numbers : Up to 40 Devices
Backup Battery : 3,7V 600mAh , 2,22Wh
Dimensions : 140mm x 86mm x 87mm
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