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Electromagnetic fire door retainers are designed to hold open fire doors in any areas where easy access is essential in relation to the Equality Act, and can be used in conjunction with any suitable fire alarm systems. When an alarm is triggered, power to the door holder is cut, allowing the fire door fitted with it’s standard closing mechanism, to shut automatically. Doormouse door holders are fitted with an integral manual release button, allowing the door to be closed without operating the fire alarm.

Fire Door Holder
Double Gang Automatic Door Release System   C-TEC BF375P Fire Door Holder Power Supply

Geofire Fire Door Holder
  • - 24VDC or 230VAC Supply Voltage
  • - 200N 500N Holding Force
  • - Zero Residual Force
  • - Fire Resistance ABS Casing
  • - Approved to EN1155 , CE Marked
  Double Gang Automatic Door Release System
  • -High quality stand-alone automatic door release system
    -Include 24V 250mA Door Release Power Supply
  Fire Door Holder Power Supply
  • -IP40 Rate
    -Compact Design
  • - Trigger Release, Hold Off and Local Trigger Inputs
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Цена : по запросу >Подробнее
Цена : по запросу >Подробнее

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