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Orbis ORB-OP-52028-APO Intrinsically Safe Optical Smoke Detector

Orbis ORB-OP-52028-APO Intrinsically Safe Optical Smoke Detector

The sensing technology in Orbis intrinsically safe detector is significantly different from previous optical smoke detector

  • Improved sensitivity to black smoke
  • Compensation for slow change in sensitivity
  • Extra confirmation of smoke before an alarm signal is given

Optical smoke detectors have always been recognised as good detectors for general use. They are regarded as particularly suitable for smouldering fires and escape routes.

The performance of Orbis Marine optical detectors is good in black as well as in white smoke. In this respect Orbis detectors are different from traditional optical smoke detectors which perform far better in white smoke than in black.

Orbis I.S. Optical Smoke Detectors are also designed to reduce significantly the incidence of false alarms through over-sensitivity to transient phenomena.

Orbis I.S. Optical Smoke Detectors are recommended for use as general purpose smoke detectors for early warning of fires in most areas.

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Technical Specification
Detection Principle : Photo-electric detection of light scattered by smoke particles over a wide range of angles.
Sampling Frequency : Once every 4 seconds
Operating Voltage : 14,8VDC to 28VDC
Supply Wiring : 2 Wire Supply , Polarity Sensitivity
Polarity Reversal : Not Allowed
Power Up Time : < 20 seconds
Minimum "Detector Active" Voltage : 12V
Power-up Surge Current at 24V : 105 μA
Average Quiscent Current at 24V : 85 μA
Alarm Load : 325 Ω in series with a 1.0 V drop
Minimum Holding Voltage : 5V
Minimum Voltage to light Alarm LED : 6V
Alarm Reset Voltage : <1
Alarm Reset Time : One Second
Alarm Indicator : Integral indicator with 360º visibility
Remote Output LED characteristic : 4.7 kΩ connected to negative supply
Operating and Storage Temperature :

40ºC to +70ºC

Operating temperature is restricted by the intrinsic safety gas classification. Class T5: -40ºC to +45ºC , Class T4: -40ºC to +60ºC . The detector must be protected from conditions of condensation or icing

Humidity : 0% to 98% RH
Effect of Atmospheric pressure on optical sensor : Unaffected by wind
Effect of Wind Speed : Insensitive to pressure
Designed to IP Rating : IP23D
Standards and Approvals : EN54-7, CPD, LPCB, MED, LR, DNV-GL, BV, ABS, CCS, KRS, VdS, BOSEC, IECEx, ATEX, PESO and FG
BASEEFA Certification : BASEEFA06ATEX0007X
Dimension : 100 mm diameter x 42 mm height , 100 mm diameter x 50 mm height in base
Weight :

75gr. Detector , 105gr in base

Materials : Housing: White flame-retardant polycarbonate , Terminals: Nickel plated stainless
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