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MIEKA MIE-WAP3 GSM / SMS / RFID Wireless Home Alarm Systems

 MIEKA MIE-WAP3 Wireless Home Alarm Systems

MIEKA MIE-WAP3 Wireless Home Alarm is a totally (Do It Yourself) DIY wireless home security solution. It features automatic connection to various accessories, putting your home under all-round protection. It is suitable for both home and business.

Arming the MIEKA alarm system can be done by calling the SIM card telephone numbers in the control panel. Hanging up the call after you hear the dialing tone, and then you will be called by the control panel; do not answer the phone call and the system will be armed.

Disarming the MIEKA alarm system can be done by calling the SIM card telephone number in the control panel. Do not hang up until the system disconnected by itself. The alarm system will not call you back and the system is disarmed.

Download your app from either App Store or Google Play, and you get to control the entire system remotely with a couple of swipes and taps. Intuitive in design and operability, the app is more than capable of monitoring a few systems.

Wireless Home Burglar Alarm O3 App

Price : On Request - In Stock.
The MIEKA self-monitoring / communicating alarm system can be remotely controlled and monitored from anywhere in the world with the free iOS and Android App. Alerts and notifications are sent via SMS test as they happen and include : entry/exit, power failure/ recovery, flood, smoke and more. The LED Control Panel with RFID Contactless Tag Reader can also be operated with the Touch Keypad , by Remote Control or with the handy RFID Contactless Tag. Kit includes control panel, power adaptor, Pet Friendly PIR Motion Sensor, Door/Window Sensor, two Remote Controls, two RFID Contactless Tags and all batteries and fixings.

Free App for Controlling Intrusion Systems 5 Emergency Call Number /1 Speed Call Number / 1 SMS Notification Number
Expandable up to 10 Remote Controls, 50 Sensors ( PIR or Contact ) Unauthorised Number Can Not Reach to Control Panel with Firewall Function
RFID Tags For Door Open Function Remote Listen and Two-Way Communication
In Case any alarm condition , the panel will call and play 10 Second Message to the number You can use main panel as if it is a cell phone , you can carry out call and communicate with other people.
90dB Onboard Siren and Internal Battery Backup Instant SMS Notifications ( Power Failure / Power Recovery / Battery vb.)
Exit / Entry Delay Time In case the Batteries inside the sensors become exhaust , the systems will alert to users with SMS
You can bypass some zones when you are inside of home SOS Button on both panel and remote controller
Built in 1.000.000 RF codes combination maintains high reliability  Free App for control of intrusion alarms

Simply insert a regular SIM card with credit, and when the system detects acts of intrusion, you will be notified by a phone call and SMS text message while the loud siren sounds at a formidable decibel.

Where ever you are...


MIEKA MIE-WAP3 Home Burglar Alarm RFID Demonstration

Disarming System By RFID Tags :

For the young and elderly in your family, simply give them a keychain-like RFID tag to disarm the system with a wave.

You can name all your RFID tags and detection zones for easy identification. Whenever the system is disarmed by a RFID tag, you will get an SMS text notification of who and where.

Expandable Accessories :

10 Remote Controls, 50 Sensors ( PIR or Door Window Contact )

MIEKA Signal Repeater Unit

MIEKA MIE-WAP3 Systems Items

  • MIE-WAP3 Wireless Control Panel x 1 
    MIE-WMC Wireless Door/Window Contact x 1 
    MIE-WP10 Wireless Pet-Immune PIR Motion Detector x 1 
    MIE-RC Wireless Remote Control x2 
    MIE-RFID RFID Tag x2
MIEKA MIE-WAP3 Wireless Alarm Accessories

Wireless Indoor Sounder
Wireless Outdoor Sounder
Wireless Signal Expander
Remote Controller
MIE-IWS Wireless Indoor Siren
MIE-OVS Wireless Outdoor Siren
MIE-SR101 Signal Repeater
MIE-RC Remote Control
Wireless Window Contact Alarm
Wireless PIR Detector
Touchless RFID Tags for Disarm
MIE-WMC Wireless Contact
MIE-WP10 Wireless PIR Detector
Technical Specification

Model No: MIE-WAP3 - Wireless Burglar Home Alarm
Supply Voltage : 12V 500mA
GSM Frequency : 850 / 900 / 1200 / 1900 MHz
Standby Current: 46mA
Alarm Current : 205mA
Backup Battery : 3,7V 1200mAh 18650 Lithium Batarya
Indoor Sounder : 95dB
Radio Frequency : 433MHz
Case Type : ABS Plastic Acrylic
Panel Dimensions : 199,5mm x 120mm x 29mm
Bracket Dimensions : 88mm x 20mm x 8mm
Package Dimensions : 13,5cm x 20,5cm x 9,5cm
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  • Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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