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C-TEC C4416 Conventional Optical Smoke Detector
C-TEC C4416 Conventional Smoke Detector
  • The C-Tec C4416 Optical Smoke Detector is from the C-Tec Activ conventional detection range.  C4416 detector is EN54 certified and ideal for use on any conventional fire alarm systems
  • The C-Tec C4416 uses an infrared light source and photodiode to detect smoke particles within the sensor chamber housed within the body of the sensor.  This device is typically used in escape routes, living areas, bedrooms and other enclosed spaces.
  • Optical smoke sensors are particularly effective at detecting slow buring fires such as thouse caused by overheated wiring or smouldering materials.

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C4416 Konvansiyonel Optik Duman Dedektörü
Technical Specification
Order Code / Name :
C4416 Conventional Optical Smoke Detector
Cabling :
2 Core , Polarity Sensitive
Supply Voltage :
9 - 33V DC
Standby Current :
30µA @ 24 VDC.
Alarm Voltage :
6 - 33V DC
Sensitivity : Nominal alarm threshold of 0.16db/m obscuration measured in accordance with EN54-7:2000.
Alarm Current :
19mA @ 12-33V DC; 11mA @ 9V DC; 2.5mA@ 6V DC.
Min. Voltage :
Min. Alarm Current :
Expansion Connection :
Remote LED output available via ActiV base. Current source to the negative line, short-circuit protected. Max voltage 2.7V DC
Alarm Reset Voltage
Less than 1V DC (+0.5 seconds alarm reset time).
Alarm Reset Time :
>0.5 Sec
Temperature :
-20° +70°C
IP Class :
Dimension (Exclude Base):
102.2mm diameter x 37mm deep 
Dimension (Include Base ):
102.2mm diameter x 57.5mm deep.
Weight :
Detector: 99g. Base: 55g.
Material :
White polycarbonate casing rated to UL94 V-2 with nylon parts.
Certificates Approvals :
Certified to EN54-7 by Intertek (0359-CPR-00183).
Compatibility :
Compatible with our ActiV C4408D diode, C4408 non-diode and C4408R relay bases
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  • Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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