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3MK-CO220 Carbon Monoxide Detector Mains & Rechargeable Battery
Carbon Monoxide Detectors

3MK-CO220 Carbon Monoxide Detector Mains and Rechargeable Batery
  • When 3MK-CO220 Carbon Monoxide Detector detects potentially dangerous level of Carbon Monoxide , it will flashes RED alarm light immediately and sounds a loud alarm if the carbon monoxide persists.
  • At higher levels of carbonmonoxide alarm turns on sooners. The rate of flashing of the Red light indicates the level of Carbon Monoxide. 3MK-CO220 Carbon Monoxide Detector checks for carbon monoxide every 50 seconds.
  • 3MK-CO220 Carbon Monoxide Detectors are fully manufactured in Turkey by Furkan Engineering.
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Technical Specifications

Supply Voltage : 220VAC 50Hz. + Rechargeable 9V Battery
Sensor : Figaro Japan
Power Consumption : 2W
Builtin Sounder : 85db
Battery Check : Auto
Voltage Free Contact Outputs : NO&NC
Calibration Time : 45 Sec.
Working Temperature : -20C° +50C°
Sensor Lifetime : 5 Years
Humidity : %80 Max.
Package : Sealed Package
Dimension : 85mm x 120mm x 46mm
Weight : 0,650Kg

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